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DWT PipeTools Germany is manufacturer of portable pipe beveling and pipe cold cutting machine under brand name PIPETOOLS for many years. Especially for oil & gas, shipyards, power stations the company DWT offers very special machines for on-site operations of cutting and beveling heavy wall pipes with flexible and low weight machines.

In practice it has been proved that weld edge preparation of pipe end influences in a high degree the quality of the orbital welding.

For pipe welding applications with a high wall-thickness the welding engineer requires nowadays a perfect and effective weld edge preparation by use of mechanized pipe beveling.

Products and services

  • Pipe beveling machine

  • Pipe cold cutting machine

  • EXACT Pipe saws

  • Welding accessories
pipe cold cutting machine

pipe cold cutting machine

Portable clamshell pipe cold cutting machines for cold beveling and cold cutting operations of pipes on-site, are versatile in application and can perform many operations. The machines are reduced in weight and dimensioning. The accessories needed for the different machining are interchangeable and allow multiple operations, like beveling and cutting in one operation, inside beveling, flange repair of flange facing.

pipe beveling machine

pipe beveling machine

The pipe beveling machine is used to bevel welding edges on heavy wall single pipe, water wall boiler panel and headers. For industrial steam boilers it is used for beveling tube walls and cutting out welds. Having a low weight and operated by one man only, it is well suited for use in workshop and on site. Due to its extremely compact type of construction it can be used in confined space. The machine provides high working speed and effective use of consumables for economical manufacturing.

EXACT pipe cutting machine

EXACT pipe cutting machine

The pipe cutting machines are suitable for all pipes and materials. A single machine allows cutting pipes of greatly differing sizes. Pipe cutting is significantly faster as compared to traditional methods. The resulting surfaces are precise and of uniform quality – the pipes are ready for joining right away. The machines can be used almost anywhere, since in most countries they are approved for indoor use – for example, as compared to angle grinders, the fire hazards are substantially lesser.


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