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Fire Fighting Foam concentrates developed and produced by Dr.Sthamer Hamburg are the choice for a large number of clients in different industries worldwide. Founded in 1886 the family owned business Dr. Sthamer Hamburg specialises in the development and production of state of the art fire fighting foam concentrates since the 1920s. The VdS certified production plant as well as its fire fighting foam products comply with the latest German environmental regulations. Dr. STHAMER HAMBURG holds well known and internationally accepted listings and certifications such as UL 162, EN 1568, VdS, FM, ICAO, LASTFire, GOST, IMO and more.

Products and services

Synthetic and protein based Fire fighting foam concentrates: - STHAMEX®: Fluorine free Foams for municipal fire brigades for generating low-, medium- and high expansion foam. – MOUSSOL®-FF: Fluorine free foams for class B (non-polar and polar) fires. vaPUREx®: Flourine free foams for nonpolar hydrocarbons. – STHAMEX® -AFFF: Aqueous Film Forming foams for industrial use. – MOUSSOL® -APS: AR-AFFF, e.g. MOUSSOL®-APS 0,5%/0,5%. – FETTEX®: Ready-to-use solution for kitchen fire fighting – and more. Dr. STHAMER’s VdS certified production plant as well as its fire fighting foam products comply with the latest German and European environmental regulations.
MOUSSOL®-FF (Flourine-free)

Fluorine free and 100% biodegradable fire fighting foam concentrate. MOUSSOL®-FF holds a low, medium- and high expansion foam certification. It is used especially by municipal fire brigades where a foam with a wide application area is required.

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FXS - Fire fighting foam concentrates for fixed fire fighting installations

Specially developed fire fighting foam concentrates for use in fixed fire fighting installations which comply with the most important worldwide applicable standards of the fire fighting industry and the latest European environmental regulations.

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STHAMEX®-Class A 0.5% F-15

A fluorine-free,100% biodegradable,highly concentrated fire extinguishing foam concentrate.For class A fires it is applied as wetting agent or low expansion respectively medium expansion foam.For class B fires on non-polar hydrocarbons such as petrol or diesel STHAMEX®-Class A 0.5% F-15 is applied as low expansion or medium expansion foam.The proportioning rate of 0.5% is certified according to EN 1568 pt. 1 and 3.The concentrate is dyed green for easier distinction from other foam concentrates.

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News & Innovations

Dr. STHAMER Hamburg establishes a new product line of environmentally responsible high performing foam agents of the new type F3 according to EN 1568:2018. The new product line’s name is vaPUREx® . vaPUREx® LV 1% F-10 # 7141 is dedicated to industrial users facing class B fires of non-polar fuels as their key risk to manage. Due to its low viscosity and Newtonian character vaPUREx® LV 1% F-10 can be admixed with any standard common proportioner down to -10°C. vaPUREx® LV ICAO B 3% F-10 #7341 is our response to the demand of the international airport firefighting community for a fluorine free high performing foam concentrate suitable for low- and medium expansion applications. Also this foam concentrate is a low viscosity Newtonian liquid which can be proportioned by any standard proportioning system of airfield fire engines and standard fire trucks. The foam generated from solutions of vaPUREx® LV ICAO B 3% F-10 is capable to effectively blanket large spills of kerosene with a stable foam providing a high level of burn-back stability.
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