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About us

For the past 3 decades, PanTerra has dedicated its resources in providing high quality geological services.

PanTerra offers an integrated suite of oil and gas subsurface services ranging from core and fluid analysis, geology, geothermal evaluations, petroleum engineering, (EOR) field development, ASCET and souring studies.

Our company has recently added digital core goniometry and the Cyclolog software to its service portfolio.

Products and services

PanTerra can assist with:

  • Field development studies for primary through tertiary recovery processes

  • Integrated field development studies including:

    – Advanced static and dynamic modeling

    – Conceptual engineering

    – Pilot design, planning and implementation

    – Operations training

    – Costing and economics

    – Reserves assessment and auditing

  • Reservoir Souring studies including:

    – Desktop study: data gathering, mapping and inventory of potential souring processes

    – Onsite sampling and analysis

    – Modeling: (CMG-STARS), prediction of future H2S levels based on souring reactions, sensitivity analysis and assessment of potential mitigation

  • Exploration evaluations studies

  • Laboratory services

    o EOR:

    o Routine, special core analysis, formation damage

    o PVT, onsite sampling, laboratory phase behavior and compositional analysis

    o Equipment sales, laboratory design and implementation
Enhanced Oil Recovery Services

Having a well-equipped laboratory for rock/fluid interaction, PVT, and core flooding for EOR methods and expert knowledge in reservoir-simulation engineering, PanTerra is capable to provide comprehensive EOR services, ranging from laboratory testing to simulation and pilot design.

Onsite Coreflood Evaluation

With the help of its automated onsite coreflooding rig, PanTerra is able to provide the much needed data by monitoring permeability reduction trends, whilst injecting a water of known quality into a core plug that is deemed representative for the reservoir to be flooded, under actual and/or predicted pressure drop conditions.

Reservoir Souring

PanTerra souring experts can help you determine the source of the H2S and subsequently model the expected production levels of H2S over the lifetime of your field. We collect the samples in the field and in our PVT laboratory the fluids and gas analyses are analyzed and discussed with the reservoir engineers.

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