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As one of Europe's leading manufacturers of sealing systems for cables, pipes and building entries, Hauff-Technik protects buildings from penetrating water, gas, fire, dirt and vermin. The innovative solutions guarantee absolute leak tightness, economic efficiency, user friendliness and durability in all kinds of construction work.

For more than sixty years Hauff-Technik has specialized in the uncompromising sealing of all types of buildings and building functions. Whether the classic single-family residence or the apartment building in the private sphere or also in industrial building complexes, such as airport terminals or factories - Hauff-Technik ensures safety.

The company always focuses on the customer with his particular challenge. Finding a fast but highly-efficient solution for the customer that guarantees safety at the respective point is the driving force for the growing number of Hauff employees worldwide.

Products and services

Cable and pipe sealings , wall sleeves.

Modular seal GKD:

GKD is ideal for sealing all kind of pipes and diameter combinations in core drilled holes or wall sleeves. The integrated installation control is giving a high installation security.The combination of an optimized bolt geometry, a special rubber and the Hauff lubricant ensures that it is installed after a onetime tightening.

Multiple cable sealing HRK:

The press seal HRK with super segment ring technology is easy to install and very versatile. The inscribed segment rings make it extremely simple to adapt the press seal to the cable configuration and retrofit it on site.

Cement coated wall sleeve ZVR

The breakresistant, inherently stable plastic wall sleeve with a special coating, which bonds perfectly to the wall sleeve, is watertight up to 5 bar, adheres homogeneously with the concrete and yet still cancels out any fluctuations in temperature. It can either be set in concrete, walled in, or cast in a wall opening with mortar.

Multiple cable sealing HRK

• Super segmented ring technology for individual adjustment to cable diameters on site
• Segments with exact diameter marking
• Press plates have form-fit connections
For sealing cables in core drills or wall sleeves. Split design for sealing new cables to be installed or cables that have already been laid.

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Cement-coated wall sleeve ZVR

Special coating creates a homogeneous bond with the concrete For installation in waterproof concrete tank. Coating merges seamlessly with the concrete.

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Modular Seal GKD

• With integrated installation control - no torque control key required
• No retightening required
• Nuts moulded into the pressure plate, therefore no loose parts
For sealing of newly to install pipes or already installed pipes inside core drilled holes or wall sleeves. The modular structure allowes installation on all kind of pipes and diameter combinations.

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