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VICODA - Specialist in vibration control

As a highly specialized company in vibration control and structural bearing technology VICODA Group is engaged in the industrial (oil & gas, power generation, chemical and petrochemical), railway, structural engineering and bridge construction sectors.

Our main fields of applications are:

  • Vibration isolation of heavy machines such as turbines, generators or engines, by using spring elements or elastomeric bearings

  • Vibration reduction from piping systems by using viscoelastic  dampers (VD), tuned mass dampers (TMD) or active damping  devices(ADD)

  • Wind-induced vibration reduction from stacks and chimneys by tuned mass dampers (TMD)

  • Related services like on-site vibration measurements, installation and commissioning, maintenance and retrofitting as well as vibration monitoring.

    To any vibration problem, always the best solution.

    For more information, please visit our website www.vicodagroup.com

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Products and services

VICODA provides products and services to mitigate unwanted vibrations. Dynamic forces will be reduced in different plant sections in order to solve fatigue problems and allows a longer service life.

  • Viscoelastic dampers (VD) and tuned mass dampers (TMD) reduce unwanted vibrations from piping systems, stacks and structural elements.

  • Spring elements (SE) can effectively isolate vibrations caused by heavy
    machines such as turbines, generators, pumps, fans or engines.

  • VICODA also provides a complete package of on-site services, such as vibration analysis, detailed design, customized products, installation
    and commissioning as well as vibration monitoring.

    For more information, please visit our website www.vicodagroup.com
Tuned Mass Damper

VICODA TMD.Pipe is designed for vibration control of pipes. It is connected directly to the pipe using standard pipe clamps. No fixed abutment is required compared to other vibration control devices. Innovative Eddy Current dampers are used as damping element. TMD for stacks is designed as a ring which is installed at the top of a stack. It will effectively mitigate wind induced vibrations and allow increasing the lifetime of a stack significantly.

Viscoelastic Damper

VICODA viscoelastic dampers consist of a metal housing filled with a viscous fluid. The piston connected to the top plate can move in all directions within the housing. The characteristic of a viscoelastic damper depends on the piston design and the fluid. VICODA provides three types of fluid: type VD with bitumen; type VM with polybuten and type VI with silicone oil based fluid.

Spring Element

VICODA spring elements are usually composed of three major parts: An upper and lower housing, helical coil springs and a viscoelastic damper. They support the turbine table or machine. For easy installation, spring elements can be delivered pre-stressed to nominal load. The machine is levelled for static loads using shim plates for final adjustment. The system frequency usually has values between 2 and 7 Hz, depending on the application.

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