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Our primary focus is on the design & packaging of energy efficient refrigeration equipment for the oil & gas, energy and chemical market sectors. We provide custom-made solutions for varied applications such as BOG, process gas cooling or gas compression.

For the different applications we use oil flooded screw compressors in API619 execution. All the packages for vessels, heat exchangers, pump stations and compressor skids are manufactured in Germany.

Our assembly shop located in BERLIN is furnished with the latest innovative equipment and facilities to handle most requirements. Mechanical and Electrical design together with drawings, software development and all related tasks are carried out in-house.

We are supported by our Group's extensive strength in industrial refrigeration with experience dating back to 1969. The Group employs a team of over 350 staff members working exclusively in industrial refrigeration. We offer our Services in Europe, East European and Central Asian countries, the Middle East and Africa.

Products and services

Screw compressor skids, Vessel skids, Heat exchanger skids, Pump stations
Compressor Skid

Screw compressor skid for BOG application.

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Heat exchanger skid

Heat exchanger skid for process medium cooling.

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Vessel skid

Vessel skid for refrigerant Propane.

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Ingolf Scheer
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