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PSI Products GmbH is a leading specialist provider of high-quality accessories for piping / civil engineering and plant construction as well as for the entire utilities industry.

The product range offered covers -amongst others- seals for wall penetrations, corrosion and mechanical pipe protection products, plastic insulators, customized steel constructions, flange gaskets, flange isolation gaskets and isolation accessories as well as products for the pigging technology. For our customers we are available as a competent contact for special solutions.

PSI products are exported to over 50 countries worldwide. Our customers include municipalities, building contractors, pipeline construction companies, the water and wastewater industry, the chemical and petrochemical industry as well as the oil & gas and the energy industry.

  • Website: http://www.psi-products.de

  • Branche:International trade & development

  • Form of enterprise: GmbH

  • Headquartes: Ulrichstrasse 25 Mössingen, 72116 Deutschland

  • Company size:70 Employees

Products and services

Sealing technology, corrosion and mechanical pipe protection, wall sleeves, insulators and casing end seals, pigging technology, flange gaskets and flange isolations.
PSI Original LINK-SEAL® Modular Seals

LINK-SEAL® Modular Seals can be used wherever annular spaces need to be reliably sealed.
Main fields of application:
- Wall penetrations
- Tank embedding
- Casing pipe seals
- High quality rubber parts ensure longest lifetime
- Potable water-, oil-, fuel-, solvent-, and high temperature-resistant versions available upon request
- Perfect even for retrofitting
- Electrically isolating
- Hydrostatic sealing against pressing water

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Special Compakt Seals

PSI Special Compakt Seals are made upon customer request. Here, almost all versions are possible: Oval pipes, square recesses, eccentric positioning, lead-throughs of several pipes or cables either as split/open or closed Version.

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Casing Spacers - System DSI

Polypropylen casing spacers are universally applicable in the installation of pipelines when a media pipe runs through a casing pipe.
• Easy penetration of carrier pipe. The insulator´s friction coeficient is reduced to a mnimum because they are made of plastic.
• The minimised friction prevents the media pipe from taking damage inside the casing pipe.
• A wide range of skid heights ensures concentricity of the media pipe
• All requirements of cathodic pipe protection are met.

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