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For more than 15 decades, WDI has been synonymous for innovative wire rope that sets standards. Constant striving for perfection made us one of the global leading manufacturers of High Performance Wire Rope - growth and innovation ensure we stay ahead.

We meet the industry’s ever increasing demands for high quality wire rope with cost- and lifetime-optimised constructions, while providing high breakloads.

WDI’s registered wire rope brand “PYTHON” was introduced in the market in the 1960’s and today has grown into a globally recognised brand for High Performance Wire Rope.

Being one of the co-inventors of High Performance Wire Rope, over the past decades we have developed a broad product range and comprehensive knowledge of ropes and applications.

Products and services

WDI supplies high performance wire ropes for several market sektors such as Mining, Construction, Oil & Gas / Offshore, Maritim & Harbor, Industry and Forestry.

With four production sites in Germany we generate an annual output of more than 10,000 tons of PYTHON High Performance Wire Rope. WDI is proud to look back to 150 years of experience in wire rope manufacturing.

PYTHON wire rope consists only of wires drawn in-house by WDI’s wire business unit located in Rothenburg, home to Europe’s most modern and largest wire drawing factory. In order to meet highest quality demands, we process wire rods as raw material exclusively from reknowned German producers - full material traceability guaranteed.
PYTHON Compac 35

HiPac compacted, flexible rope with a very high breaking load, perfectly suited for multi layer spooling. Due to the complex LongLife core design the rope is very flexible and durable over competitive products with low number of inner strands. Excellent results on tower cranes, mobile cranes, crawler cranes and offshore pedestal cranes. Available in high diameters for offshore winches and knuckle boom cranes.

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PYTHON Super 8 C

Super 8 C is the classic upgrade rope for most crane types for increased rope service life performance while maintaining the ability to operate with fleet angles up to 4°.
It provides an excellent combination of flexibility, fatigue life, and abrasion resistance.
Suited as hoist line in systems using a left and right handed rope and in multi-fall applications with low lifting heights.

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Flexible high strength hoist rope for offshore cranes and deck cranes.
The PlastGuard protection makes this rope less sensitive to high fleet angles.
The ForcePac’d core in connection with the HiPac compacted outer layer provide very good pressure resistance on multi layer drums. An in-house developed long lasting lubrication formula protects the rope during long idle times.

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