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Klöpper-Therm from Germany is specialized in engineering, construction, manufacturing and installation of electrical heating systems also in explosion-proof quality.

About us

Klöpper-Therm from Germany is specialized in engineering, construction, manufacturing and installation of electrical heating systems with more than 50 years of experience. Design and construction are effected by our engineers according to customer specifications and are applicable to international standards. If requested we provide our heating systems with an explosion-proof quality for use in hazardous areas. Our product range is added by customized thyristor control panels and automation suitable to our high quality heating systems.

Electrical heating systems from Klöpper-Therm mean high quality from the beginning.

Klöpper-Therm GmbH & Co. KG
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Products and Services

Electrical heaters, heat exchangers, flow heaters, heating inserts and vaporisers are mainly used in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, steel, textile and cellulose industry as well as power stations.

Braking resistors are used to absorb electric power arising during dynamic braking of drills. While braking the resistor converts kinetic energy into heat which is, in case of offshore use, typically dissipated by seawater stored in a tank.

Heat tracing for pipes, transfer lines, pumps, armatures, vessels, tanks, filters and other applications for frost protection, temperature to maintain and/or heat up in industrial plants, mainly chemical and petrochemical enterprises as well as refineries and power stations.

Special heating systems for reactors with highly specific heating capacities, for containers, diffusers, seal flaps, aluminium heating plates/blocks, inner tubular heating, foundation heating of cold tanks and other heating applications.


Heating of all kinds of liquids and gases for mounting and operation in explosive atmospheres.
Continuous heating of the medium through the exchange of heat between the tubular heater and the medium. Our know-how consists of adapting the heat exchange surface individually and optimally to the operating conditions to guarantee that the process temperature is reached without the permissible heating surface temperature or permissible pressure loss being exceeded.

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Tank-Heating System

For the permanent temperature maintenance of your tank or container, we provide the appropriate heating system, implemented by heating the container surface with heating cables for holding temperatures up to 250 °C. Transportable electrical heating equipment, including circulations pumps, are also available for holding temperature up to 80 °C.

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Heat-Tracing System

The flexible and adaptable electrical heat tracing systems of Klöpper-Therm are suited for keeping your processes at the proper temperature. The areas of application are as varied as your processes. Whether you want to protect a medium against frost, heat it to process temperature, or maintain the process temperature. With the electrical heat tracing systems of Klöpper-Therm, the possibilities are endless.

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