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SORB®XT is a 100% organic and highly efficient absorbent – a universal solution to combat leakages!

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SORB®XT is a German company. Producer of an organic, biological and completely harmless fibre that is able to absorb all kinds of oil, fuel, many chemicals, coating and paints etc. ONE product that works on all application fields within seconds and fulfills all requirements and safety regulations. Our goal is to offer a customer-oriented and highly professional "Spill-Management".

SORB®XT is also floatable.
Additionally, we produce complementary products to augment our product portfolio and fullfill customer needs - among other things our SORB®XT Conductive Barrels, antistatic, condutive wide neck drums  usable in EX areas.

The customer is always paramount to our interests and our developments follow customer ideas and requirements, ensuring compatibility throughout.

Worldwide enterprise and customer networking determine our focus:
We provide quality and performance combined with loyalty, partnership and reliability.

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Klosterhofweg 64
41199 Mönchengladbach

Phone: +49 2166 1268160

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Torsten Narawitz
Head of Sales
Phone: +49 2166 1268-161

Products and Services

SORB®XT is a 100% organic binder that can be used on water, roads and all other surfaces in the event of damage. In a few seconds, almost 4 times its own
weight is absorbed. Due to the low weight of the binder, handling is pleasantly easy and inexpensive disposal is a significant advantage compared to conventional binders. SORB®XT has been tested for its effectiveness and in accordance with the usage classes Type I, II, III-R SF of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.

SORB®XT Natural Fibre

SORB®XT is a Multi-Absorbent, 100% organic, floatable, certified for use on land and water, hydrophobic/oleophilic, bulk weight 140gr/L.
Works within seconds, highly efficient, for spreading and for absorption of harmful
substances. Can be used for substances such as: Oil or oil-similar substances, fuels, large number of chemicals etc

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SORB®XT Stain Solution Pro / ECO

Stain Solution Pro is a biodegradable, pH-neutral cleaner for oil and fuel stains. The cleaner can be used on regular, industrial and special surfaces. In addition,
it is ideal for cleaning plastic, metal, glass or other surfaces. Even with very heavy contamination. Very easy to use. Stain Solution Pro is NSF certified.

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SORB®XT Barriers

Suitable for use on water surfaces in calm and flowing
water. The barriers can also be used as a preventive measure and are characterized in particular by the longstanding period of at least 6 months on the water surface

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News & Innovations

SORB®H2O: Floodsax® - more effective than a sandbag, easy and space-saving to store
SORB®H2O: Floodsax® is a quick emergency aid in case of water damage events in any situation.

SORB®H2O: Floodsax® is a self-swelling pad, filled with super-absorbing polymer crystals. The 200gr lightweighted pad absorbs up to 25 l of water within 3 minutes. A pack of 5 bags deals with over 100 l of water - hundred times of its own weight.

The ideal solution for quick water absorption - as a barrier or for targeted reallocation of water e.g.

Dimensions SORB®H2O: Floodsax®
Total length: 490mm
Total width: 400mm
Length of single inlay pad: 435mm
Width of single inlay pad: 150mm
Weight of the pad: 200gr (selling unit: 5pads/package)
NEW - SORB®XT Stripper laborious removing was yesterday
SORB®XT Stripper is easily and quickly biodegradable, easy to use and free of any environmental toxins. SORB®XT Stripper works on the basis of benzyl alcohol, water and penetrating oil. It "cracks" and neutralizes all
coatings in which carbon chains are present - except for the mineral substrate.

- the material is moist and plastic
- neutral pH-value
- low odor
- colored
- non-toxic
- strongly degreasing
- pasty, of stable consistency,also in the Overhead area
- decoats all substances with plastic chains up to a thickness of 3cm,
even difficult ones like 2K-coatings or even asbestos patented process

- plastic decoating system
- paint decoating system
- pollutant removal
- preparatory corrosion protection
- remove of wallpapers and plasters
- remove of tar, Acryl, Silicone, PU coating

- more efficient working time
- up to 500m2 possible in one day
- easier disposal
- no release of pollutants
- Surfaces don't have to be neutralized after decoating

Available in the sizes 10 kg and 20 kg bucket. Further reading

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