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RMG – Your professional partner in gas measurement technology. 120 years of experience. Excellent products. Precise measurement and analysis of gas. Monitoring of complex systems.

About us

RMG Messtechnik GmbH, a subsidiary of the international group of Dalian-Energas, is successfully active in the field of gas measurement technology at home and abroad.

200 employees in Germany are represented at our facilities in Butzbach (Rhine-Main area), Zorneding (Greater Munich) and Beindersheim (Rhine-Neckar region).
We develop, produce, sell and maintain high-quality and sensitive products for energy supply companies, plant manufacturers and industrial companies in the natural gas sector.

We are qualified technicians, engineers, natural scientists and business people who live their passion for gas measurement technology - in development projects, in production, in service and sales - we are nationally and internationally active. As a company, we are always interested in building, developing and promoting young talents and qualified professionals.

RMG Messtechnik GmbH
Otto-Hahn-Str. 5
35510 Butzbach

Phone: +49 6033 897-0
Internet: www.rmg.com

Contact person

Joerg Schoenbach
Director Marketing and Product Management
Nilesh M. Tawde
General Manager- Middle East & Africa Region
Building 6EA, Office 117
371367 Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority

Phone: +971 504517427
Internet: www.rmg.com

Products and Services

Gas Meters:
Ultrasonic Gas Meters
Turbine Gas Meters
Gas Volumeters

Volume Correctors:
Flow Computers ERZ 2000-NG and ERZ 2000-DI
Compact Volume Correctors Primus 400 and EC 900

RMG Gas Metering Management

Analytics by RMG

Communication Device:
Remote Data Transmission Unit DFUE-NG

Measured Value Recording Device Prilog 400

Gas Analysis Equipment:
Gas Quality Measurement Device GQS 400
Process Gas Chromatograph PGC 9300

Gas Measurement Solutions:
Gas Quantity Solutions
Gas Quality Solutions


RMG Academy
USM GT400 Ultrasonic Gas Meter

Highest accuracy and largest measuring ranges:
The GT400 series is the high-end result of continuous product development of ultrasonic meter technology. Already with the market launch of the first RMG ultrasonic meter in 1999, the principle of 6-path measurement was applied for custody transfer metering. In the current 4th generation, the optimum measuring instrument is available for the precise measurement of large flows at high pressures in pipelines and gas transfer stations.

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Electronic Volume Meter with integrated Volume Corrector TME 400-VC

A new class of instruments has been created with the TME400-VC series:

Sensors for pressure and temperature of the sample gas are integrated in the measuring unit and electronic counter. Volume and flow rate can then be calculated from these measured values, even under standard conditions. For conversion methods, you can choose between GERG88, AGA 8 Gross Methods, AGA 8 NX19 and GOST30319.

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Compact Volume Corrector Primus 400

The Primus 400 volume corrector is an extremely compact and robust device that has been specially developed for the natural gas market and is suitable for commercial and industrial applications. It enables gas network operators and their customers to precisely measure the gas flow, to convert the measured volume based on the state variables pressure, temperature and compressibility and to read out all data via standard protocols.

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News & Innovations

Turbine Meter with Electronic Meter Head
RMG Model series TME400 is the perfect fusion of the best proven Turbine Gas Meter technology with state-of-the-art electronics. The electronic meter head provides Modbus-communication to read actual values, totalizers, or archives. Beside this frequency and optional analog outputs are available. The meters can be ordered with built-in temperature and pressure sensors, which provide the input for a built-in electronic volume corrector (EVC), so flow rate and volume are available both under operating and base conditions. The entire unit needs no external cabling or piping, is mechanically compact, and provides shortest start-up time. Different versions for custody transfer or secondary metering are available. Special feature for both applications is an electronic error curve linearization, which allows large turn-down ratios with significantly increased accuracy. Further reading

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