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Magnetic Drive & Shaft Seal Centrifugal & Twin Screw Pumps according DIN-EN, API and beyond Standard. Industrial Valves.

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Founded in 1946, today Klaus Union is a marketleading manufacturer and supplier of pumping systems and valves. The Company keeps numerous patents and offers a comprehensive product portfolio of magnetic drive and shaft sealed centrifugal pumps and twin screw pumps. Since Klaus Union’s pumping systems and valves are mainly serving the demanding needs of the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry worldwide, all related products meet highest quality standards.

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Products and Services

- Magnetic drive and shaft sealed centrifugal pumps 
- Magnetic drive and shaft sealed twin screw pumps 
- Pumps according DIN EN ISO, API, ANSI B73.3M and custom designs 
- Pumps for multiphase applications 
- Industrial valves 
- Service
Magnet Drive Centrifugal Pump Series SLM APL per API 685 2nd Edition

This API 685 compliant pump for refineries and petrochemical plants is based on Klaus Union’s successful sealless pump product line with magnetic coupling.

Features and benefits:
- Permanent & synchronouos magnet drive
- Backup mechanical seal provides secondary control system
- Modular concept offers maximum flexibility
- Centerline support
- Bearing bracket with oil-lubricated anti friction bearings

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Magnet Drive Twin Screw Pump Series SLM DSP-2C acc. API 676 3rd Edition

With the proven Klaus Union magnetic drive and a modular design, Klaus Union offers a highly flexible and robust sealless magnetically coupled twin screw pump. Due to its sealless design and leakage-free operation, it is especially suitable for applications in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Features and benefits:
- Axial split modular casing (larger sizes with radial split casings)
- Permanent & synchronous magnet drive
- Available with mechanical shaft seal

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Hybrid Double Containment Shell

The hybrid double containment shell combines two separate shells, with equivalent MWAP. The inner and primary shell is metallic and highly corrosion resistant. The outer, secondary shell is made of heavy duty technical ceramics.

Features and benefits:
- Reduced heat input into the pumped process liquid
- Higher efficiency leading to power savings
- Fully compliant with requirements for secondary containment system as defined by API 685, 2nd Edition, § 3.66 (page 10)

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News & Innovations

Pumping aggressive, explosive and highly toxic liquids requires the highest level of process safety. To protect people and the environment, leakage of the pumped liquid must be avoided - including in the event of a pump failure. For these most critical applications a magnetic drive pump equipped with a monitored, double containment shell still remains the safest solution.
To reduce the heat generated by a purely metallic, double containment shell and at the same time to improve the overall efficiency of the pump, Klaus Union has developed and patented a new hybrid double containment shell.

The hybrid double containment shell combines two separate shells.The inner shell is a highly corrosion resistant metallic containment shell while the outer, secondary shell is a non-metallic containment shell made from heavy duty technical ceramics.

- Reduced heat input into the pumped process liquid
- Increased reliability when pumping liquids close to their boiling point
- High corrosion resistance
- Higher efficiency leading to power savings
- Wider application range than full metal, double containment shells
- Fully compliant with requirements for secondary containment system as defined by API 685, 2nd Edition, § 3.66 (page 10)
- Primary and secondary containment integrity is
constantly verified by the pressure transmitter
- Easy and reliable detection of containment breach through a standard pressure transmitter
- High spare parts availability by using of standard Klaus Union components
- Ability to flush the area between shells
(according API 685, 2nd Edition, § 6.7.9)
- Available across entire Klaus Union mag-drive pump range
- Reliable and maintenance friendly construction

Application Coverage
- Pressure Rating: max. PN 40 (40 bar at 120 °C / 580 psi at 248 °F)
- Temperature Range: - 60 °C to + 400 °C (-76 °F to +752 °F); higher on request
- Pump Speed: up to 3600 rpm Further reading

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