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TDC International specialises in the fabrication of a GRP mechanical protection system for line pipes and field joints for trenchless and open trench installations.

About us

TDC International AG (TDC) is a specialist pipeline coating provider with a proprietary application process (pau wrap®). We provide customised mechanical protection for steel pipes and field joints and are the largest providers of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) mechanical protections to the pipeline industry. Headquartered in Switzerland, our production facility in Germany (TDC Technical Duroplastic Construction GmbH) has been operational since the early 1990’s.

We have a wide customer base consisting of major European utilities, pipeline operators, construction companies, steel manufacturers and traders. Our know-how, craftsmanship, and proprietary methodologies enable us to be uniquely positioned within the industry and allow us to consistently provide customers with high quality manufacturing.

TDC International
Gewerbepark 8
17039 Trollenhagen

Phone: +41 41 4188200

Contact person

Cristian Grecco
International Business Development Manager
Emma Hachfeld
TDC International AG
Alpenstr. 6
6004 Luzern

Phone: +41 41 4188200

Products and Services

TDC’s pau wrap® is a composite based mechanical protection system consisting of factory-applied coating for pipes and welded joint protection at the construction site. Its main function is to protect pipes from damages due to indentation from sharp objects (i.e. rocks, gravel or debris), abrasion from dragging the pipe (i.e. during trenchless installations) and from strong impacts (i.e. heavy backfill material).

The outstanding mechanical shear strength of TDC’s pau wrap® to the pipe and its anti-corrosion system makes the optimum solution when the normal coatings are not able to guarantee the integrity of the pipelines.

Three of our main pau wrap® products are:
- pau wrap® TL: Factory-applied line pipe coating for Trenchless installations
- pau wrap® OT: Factory-applied line pipe coating for Open Trench installations
- pau wrap® FJC: On-site field joint coating for Trenchless installations

pau wrap® OT

TDC’s factory-applied GRP line pipe open trench application, pau wrap® OT, serves as a mechanical protection layer to the anti-corrosion layer. It has been specifically designed to allow the pipe to be directly buried in rocky terrain in open trenches without the need for additional protective measures such as pipe protection mats or soil replacement, even in the case of coarse-grained excavated material or rocky subsoil.

pau wrap® TL

TDC’s factory-applied GRP line pipe trenchless application, pau wrap® TL, serves as a mechanical protection layer to the anti-corrosion layer. It offers extreme protection to abrasion, corrosion, temperature, physical force and chemicals, and can withstand harsh underground geological conditions.

Specifically designed for trenchless technologies, pau wrap® TL has been successfully used across all typical trenchless installation methods including HDD, Direct Pipe and micro-tunnelling.

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