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NEW - SORB®XT Stripper laborious removing was yesterday

SORB®XT Stripper is easily and quickly biodegradable, easy to use and free of any environmental toxins. SORB®XT Stripper works on the basis of benzyl alcohol, water and penetrating oil. It "cracks" and neutralizes all
coatings in which carbon chains are present - except for the mineral substrate.

- the material is moist and plastic
- neutral pH-value
- low odor
- colored
- non-toxic
- strongly degreasing
- pasty, of stable consistency,also in the Overhead area
- decoats all substances with plastic chains up to a thickness of 3cm,
even difficult ones like 2K-coatings or even asbestos patented process

- plastic decoating system
- paint decoating system
- pollutant removal
- preparatory corrosion protection
- remove of wallpapers and plasters
- remove of tar, Acryl, Silicone, PU coating

- more efficient working time
- up to 500m2 possible in one day
- easier disposal
- no release of pollutants
- Surfaces don't have to be neutralized after decoating

Available in the sizes 10 kg and 20 kg bucket.

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Exhibitor: SORB®XT


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